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 The Jersey Lilies with the statue of Gerald Durrell and lemur at Durrell
This was our tenth spot on our annual 12 parish Mayday tour with Helier Morris.
Still looking good everyone

 To see us in action go to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thejerseylilies

More about Us 

We are a women's Morris dancing side from the lovely island of Jersey in the Channel Islands.  Our repertoire is made up of a variety of dances because if we see a dance we like we adopt it.  In the Archived Photo Gallery you will see photographic evidence of previous frolics and trips. 

This website contains a vast array of amazing facts, figures and piccies of our posse of lovely petals. There is plenty of info here for you to be getting on with, but if there's anything missing you're dying to know or you'd like to talk to us about becoming a potential new member (please please!) or you're simply interested in seeing the Lilies in action then feel free to email us using info@jerseylilies.com.   Our winter practices will resume late September at Samares School in St Clement on Wednesday evenings.  

How we blossomed.  A potted (oh we do like our plant puns...) history of the Lilies is now available on the From Bulb to Blooming page, kindly provided by Anne.  Pictures of those dark days have also now been transformed from the original cave paintings into digital images

Boxing Day Video.  If you want to dwell for a moment in the magical festive period, click here for a video showing a wonderful selection of elves and other types of santa's little helpers brightening up St Helier on Boxing Day.  Yup it's the Lilies in drag.